What To Know:

Discord.js v13 came out and rams dashboard and api is getting stronger. V10.x will be a complete redev to update everything and make it faster.

Heres the plan bc d.js v12 may go out and i dont want that v10.x is releasing in parts

  • v10.0.0 will have the commands and new features however lacks audit logs

  • v10.1.0 will have the function for audit logs but audit logs will still be disabled

  • v10.2.0 will have the newly designed audit logs and more new features

  • Whats Changing:

  • We are moving to mongo from mysql for configuation

  • We changed how sharding works

  • we are giving the machine more power

  • And More....

  • Is there data loss

    if data was in mysql and was moved to mongo then yes otherwise theres not data loss